Vinda pleasant goat series products comes onto market in Southern China

On 18 November, Vinda, the Chinese household paper brand, together with the comic and animation popularity kings Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf, ushered in an unprecedented launch of new products at Jiangmen Base Camp, Guangdong with a scene presenting a flourishing and orderly picture. This win-win co-operation led to the official launching of the sale of Vinda Paper’s “Vinda Pleasant Goat” series of products, creating a new product legend in the industry.

After signing a contract with Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf, the winner of Grand Prize of Domestic Cartoon, Vinda is now using the package design based on the theme of the domestically renowned Pleasant Goat, and has drawn on its professional experience gained in the past 24 years to create its own brand star, “Vinda Pleasant Goat”. Now, the “Vinda Pleasant Goat” had a sensational impact as soon as it came onto the market. Vinda expected to launch 16 single items during the first batch, and the entire series consists of a total of 18 individual items, including mini paper towels, handkerchiefs, box-drawn facial tissues, paper towels and two dedicated types of wet tissues for children and infants.

The original cast members of Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf cheered at this scene.


Another highlight of this launch of new products is that Vinda will also invite the original cast members of Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf to the scene of the launch to perform the wonderful COSPLAY, so that more old and young fans with a deep love for Pleasant Goat will be able to feast their eyes on the show and take part in the interaction on site. In addition, Vinda also invited domestic famous marketers and hosted the “2009 Vinda and Dealer Development Forum”, sharing a grand meeting full of vision and wealth with the industry.

Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf swept the country and Vinda has mined wealth from the market, 

Market leader of Vinda was not surprised at its good market, holding that it was the natural result the specialized strength that it had accumulated over many years, and the momentum of the popularity of Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf will inevitably make the Vinda Pleasant Goat product a favourite in the market.

The cartoon Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf has been broadcast on nearly 50 TV stations in China since its launching in June 2005, with ratings reaching as high as 17.3% in cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Fuzhou, and the like, a figure much higher than that for overseas cartoons broadcasts during the same time. In particular, the popularity of “Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf” springs from the screening of the filmed version of Very Bullish at the 2009 Spring Festival . The saying “To be a person like Lazy Sheep and marry someone like Big Big Wolf” became very famous on the Internet as soon as it came out, setting off a surge in purchases of “Goat Fever” and “Pleasant Goat” series products, which captivated children, parents, young people and anime fans. These products are not only popular with children but also with a large number of adults. The voice of the audience has often been described as the most realistic, and the success of Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf is worthy of deep consideration.

Vinda Group has grasped this marketing opportunity and conducted all-round cooperation with the copyright side, which lasted for two years, relating to the dry and wet tissues, and covering the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong and Macau, in order to expand the age group of people using Vinda products and to improve the brand share by injecting elements such as health, vigour and fashion into the new series via the use of the hotspot effects of Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf. Vinda Pleasant Goat products will inevitably become increasingly popular!

Economic Recovery and Breaking the Ice

With the economic recovery in the winter, the success of Vinda will undoubtedly hearten the industry. For twenty-five years Vinda has been concentrating on developing into the No. 1 household paper brand in China. As a Chinese famous product and top China brand, Vinda, in addition to consistent professional quality, has always been dedicated to social benefits and the protection of personal “health”, and it remains at the forefront of the household paper market, which is also precisely where the confidence in the market of large-scale sellers and consumers lies.

Therefore, Vinda has not only sponsored sports causes such as National Bowling League, the Chinese Women’s Volleyball Team and the NBA one after another, but it has also taken the lead in the social benefit and health fields. As early as May of this year, Vinda was the first to initiate activities to guard against H1N1 Influenza, and it issued hand hygiene wipes in various supermarkets across the country to consumers for free, for the purpose of enabling more families to appreciate its concern for their health and hygiene.

Improving the Classics and Advancing with the Times

In particular, in this new product release and order-placing fair, in addition to publicising the star product “Vinda Pleasant Goat”, Vinda Group has upgraded both the quality and the brands of the original hot products from “classic series” and put them onto the market with a brand-new appearance. Given their qualitative leaps in quality, design, packaging and fragrance, they will better meet the requirements of consumers.

Over the past 20 years, guided by the policy of “Brave Pioneering and Continuous Innovation”, the Vinda Group has established countrywide production and marketing branches. Its products are sold to countries and regions such as Hong Kong, Macau, Australia, New Zealand, Vietnam, Cambodia, the Philippines, Britain, Germany, Canada and South Africa. Besides, Vinda Group has won many important awards, including, for example, “The Most Effective Brand in China’s Household Paper Market”, “China’s 500 Most Valuable Brands” (with RMB1, 539 million in brand value), “No. 1 in Sales Volume among Products of the Same Type in the National Market” (from 2001 to 2008), etc.

Vinda advances with the times, is leading the market today, and is certain to go further tomorrow!