Vinda in Qingdao International Beer Festival

Vinda will be the exclusive provider of the upcoming 23th Qingdao international beer festival. Preparations are well under way.

Began in 1991, Qingdao international beer festival is one of the biggest of its kind in Asia. This year the festival will be held in the Century Plaza of Laoshan District from Aug 10th. During the festival, there will be sessions to taste beers, have fun and watch cultural performance.

Shangdong’s hospitable nature not only attracts people to travel, but also Vinda to invest. Vinda’s Shangdong branch, the 9th production base in the country, started to operate on August of 2013. With a total investment of 600m HKD, the Shangdong branch will be used to mainly produce high-end household paper and toilet paper.


Founded in 1985, Vinda has always adhered to exploration and innovation. Today, we are a well-established brand and market leader in China. With fresh market insights, we can always bring in new products to meet customers’ changing needs. 

In our cooperation with the Qingdao international beer festival, Vinda will also launch a series of activities:

1. Buy Vinda, win Qingdao international beer festival tickets.

2. Get free gifts with the festival’s official booklet.

3. Vinda will open 5 stores, set up 3 vending machines to sell our products.

4. Vinda bus also brings ultra-strong experience for participants this time.


Vinda, with our commitment to sustainable development and environmental protection, is the exclusive provider of tissue in the festival. Today we have sales network across China, Hong Kong, Macau, Southeast Asia, Europe and the Oceania. In the future, Vinda will continue our efforts in providing premium household products for customers. Healthy lifestyle starts from Vinda.