Dr.P is a pioneer in the field of incontinence of China. He started in 1995, Taiwan China. Dr.P has become a well-known incontinence caring brand with extensive experience in Asia. In 2017, Dr.P was recommended by 46 institutions and more than 100 paramedics. Over the years Dr.P has provided professional incontinence care products for consumers in many regions of Asia.

Dr.P constantly develops new products and up to now, it has launched a variety of products in four categories. Many products have been recognized by the industry and trusted by consumers. In addition, Dr.P discovered the different needs of users for Aio during the day and night,  so proposed concept of "day and night care“ earliest. In 2019 and 2020, Dr.P night-AiO won the "Golden Wheat Award".




• Designed for moderate and heavy incontinence users who are bedridden or disabled in action. Breathable backsheet and dry layer provide outstanding dryness and ultra comfortness. Dr.P night-use AiO lets users free from worry and ensures all night good sleep.



• Provide protection for all incontinence patients; elastic strap provided for easy use; gentle, soft and dry top-sheet offers extra protection and keeps skin healthy; used with elastic pant or elastic band which could provide comfortable fit and easy to change.


•Provide protection for all incontinence patients; underpad is designed to cover mattress and reduce excessive laundry; wet wipe is designed to offer gentle and convenient cleanness.



• Designed for moderate incontinence patients who have no difficulty to move; easy to change as underwear; snug fitting and secured; offer the individual softness and comfortable experience.

  • Mainland, China
  • Taiwan, China

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